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Palani a well known Murugan temple and famous for Siddhar Bogar is just 28 Kms from Udumalaipet.More

Palani Temple


Topslip is a part of Indiragandhi National Park abundant with flora and fauna. It has an elephant training camp. It offers trekking, elephant safari and bird watching to tourists. The kerala side of Topslip has Parambikulam dam and thick forests.More


Valparai a less known hill resort offers tea estates and dense forests for nature lovers. It is situated in western Ghats in a three hours distance from Udumalai. One has to negotiate 42 hair pin bends before reaching Valparai.More



Kodaikanal, the queen of hill resorts is again a three hours away from Udumalai. From Palani starts the ghat route offering natural sights to us. Kodaikanal is a favorite destination for all people because it gives more of nature at lesser cost.More

Places of interest around Udumalaipet:

Amaravathi Reservoir

Amaravathi dam attracts people throughout the year. It is the main source of irrigation and drinking water supply for Udumalaipet and villages. The river Amaravathy is a rich contributory to Cauveri from Tamilnadu.
The park and crocodile farm provide useful sight seeing to visitors. The dam is also known for Tilapia fish which is a non-indigenous variety.

Amaravathi Dam

Thirumoorthy hills a Panchalingam waterfalls

Like Amaravathy dam this is also a part Indiragandhi National park. There is a dam called Thrumoorthy with boating facilities. The Panchalingam falls is endowed with 365*7 days of water which naturally flows into this dam. There is a pool for swimming. The falls is 3 kms away from the temple known as Amanalingeswarar temple.

Amanalingeswarar temple

Amanalingeswarar temple and Thirumoorthy hills have a puranic background. The story is that once Lord Siva, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Brahma visited Maharishi Athari’s ashram which was believed to be at this area. Maharishi and his wife Anusuya were overwhelmed with joy and hosted a dinner. But the Lords put a condition as a test for the couple that the dinner should be served by Anusuya in nudity. Anusuya with her power changed the Lords into children of 3 years and offered the food. The Lords having felt her motherliness and power of devotion blessed the couple whole heartedly.
The temple has some beautiful pieces of architecture. Jain priests meditated here. One can see a big rock in this place containing jain sculpture .

Amanalingeshwara Temple


Chinnar is from Kerala side of forest. It is surrounded by ever green forests which are dense and give shelter to animals like elephants, deer and wild boar. This river contributes a good flow of water to Thrumurthy dam.


Anamudi hills are the highest peak in Tamilnadu. As the name reveals that anais- meaning elephants= are the residents of this area. A visit to this place is a feast to eyes and mind due to the pollution free, calm, serene and virgin nature of forests.





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